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at President Sarkozy's plan could potentially alleviate suffering and agony a▓mong French motorists.Meanwhile, Ghosn has described "diversificat▓ion" in the activities of company as a "very important ele▓ment of performance." "When you install diversity at the heart of a given ▓business, you are bound to become more creative, to better understand the markets a▓nd it's much more motivating for the staff," according Ghosn.1The 9th▓ Dubai International Automobile Show Visitors view a Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster at the 9th Dubai international automobile show in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nov. 14, 2007. The five-day 9th Dubai international automobile show was opened on Wednesday, attracting 650 automobil▓e producers from 28 countries an


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d regions. (Xinhua Photo)Shanghai has released reg▓ulations and policies promoting the development of a new hydrogen-powered automobile.T▓he city will support enterprises and individuals to purchase and use the en▓vironmentally friendly automobiles.The financial hub is also strengtheni▓ng the planning and construction of recharging stations, hydrogen refueling stations and other facilities.Similarly, loans will also be giv▓en to battery-leasing companies.In any country, the auto industry is an industry that is highly linked to other industries and as such, has great hearings on the whole national economy; China's auto industry is no exception. Experiencing more than 50 years of trials and hardship, China's aut▓o industry, which has made a great achievement, has become a ▓pillar in

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ntry. In general, China's auto ind▓ustry has so far experienced two development stages, and now it has graduated onto the third stage. Construction Period: B▓orn in the Poor and Undeveloped Situation The country's auto industry construction period lasted from 1953 to 1978. China's auto industry began in 19▓53, when the First Automo

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st China'▓s Jilin Province. The first vehicle, a Jiefang (Chinese for liberation) truc▓k named by Mao Zedong, rolled off FAW's assembly line in 1956. During this period, the de▓velopment of Chinese automobiles was smooth. The total output of ▓the national automobile rose from 61 in 1955 to 22▓,574 by 1960. However, affected by factors such a

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